Our mission is to promote investments in Portugal, and we intend to provide logistical support and counseling to foreign investors.
Our team of experienced advisors will make sure to attend to your needs and assist you in providing the best possible support in coming to Portugal.
Check out our services below:

What We Offer

Immigration Services

Legal support, consultations and support when moving, obtaining a residence permit and citizenship;

Concierge service on various issues related to being in the country;

Representing the client's interests in the country;

Personal accompaniment of the client in the official agencies (SEF, Financas, etc);

Preparation of documents for obtaining a visa or residence for children;

Family reunification processes;

Assistance in obtaining a residence for students or obtaining a residence permit for study;

Assistance in obtaining a residence for work;

Assistance in obtaining a residence for freelancers;

Assistance in obtaining a D visa for entrepreneurs;

Paperwork and assistance in obtaining a residence for entrepreneurs;

Assistance in obtaining residence for highly qualified employees;

Assistance in obtaining a residence for retirees;

Assistance in obtaining a residence visa for people who live off passive income;

Accompanying the process of obtaining a Golden Visa;

Accompanying the process of obtaining a Startup Visa;

Accompanying the process of obtaining a Green Visa;

Accompanying the process of obtaining citizenship;

Paperwork for obtaining a temporary residence visa;

Extension of stay in Portugal (extension of tour visas);

Legalization of documents;

Official translations of documents and their certification by a lawyer;

Registration of power of attorney, permissions;

Accompanying the receipt of a taxpayer number with and without a surety;

Tax representation (surety);

Getting a social security number;

Obtaining a patient number in the healthcare system;

Registration of insurance policies (health, real estate, car);

Account opening (personal),assistance in obtaining a loan, assistance in refinancing loan obligations;

Tax advisory;

Registration of children in educational institutions (shools, universities);

Assistance in the selection and purchase of a car;

Car registration;

Assistance in customs clearance of a personal car when moving to a permanent place of residence.

The Team

goncalo pereira

Gonçalo Pereira

Golden Visa / ARI Portugal

MA Universe offers its support to non-EU citizens who wish to obtain Portuguese residency by investment.
Visit our guide and get to know the investment options, the timeline for obtaining citizenship, and all the benefits you and your family can get with the most successful residency by investment program in Europe!

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